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Simco, Ltd. supports the specialty vehicle manufacturers with creative style and enhanced production instruments.  With instrument cluster patents and enabling technologies, Simco Ltd is able to produce unique & flexible designs to meet the needs of our customers. Simco Ltd offers custom circuits, gauges, and lighting blended with custom graphics, injected molded trim, custom painting, and an array of assembly options to produce the right instrument package for your specialty needs.

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For the OEM Vehicle Customizer

Micro Air Core Movement

Simco Ltd now offers the OEM vehicle customizer additional savings with the use of the original vehicle instrument cluster. With this process, we offer a customized and unique style instrument cluster while utilizing the original cluster components. We provide not only the design, but the proper manufacturing, calibration, and handling that will provide you with an upgraded OEM instrument cluster to be installed back into your custom vehicle.

Micro Air Core Movement

Micro Air Core Movement

Simco Ltd's Micro Air Core (MAC) movement is a patented device used for high accuracy and reliable pointer indication. The extremely compact design of the MAC movement enables thin instruments with greater lighting freedom and gauge design. The MAC movement solders directly to a PCB with front and rear mount options while reducing circuit board real-estate.

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For the New OEM Vehicle Producer

Micro Air Core Movement

Whether you need additional gauge functions, driver information, or a complete instrument cluster, we have the capability and flexibility to support your program. Simco Ltd will deliver to your plant, new custom instruments and components that fit your vehicle design without the need of an original instrument cluster. The team at Simco Ltd will develop the custom display products that you require to complete the production of new specialty vehicles.

Advanced Development

We thrive on innovation, constantly bringing new products into the market. As our team guides technology forward from the advanced design concepts into production, we will continue to offer unique styles and functions. As we continue to advance technology, our customers can look forward to new products such as Clear-View Instruments™. Our new line of instruments are Creating Direction for a Clear View ™